X-Treme Warranty Policy

We have free technical assistance for the lifetime of the scooter, not just for the warranty period. If there is an issue, customers need to initiate contact with tech support via a support ticket; an electronic dated and time-stamped communiqué that goes to tech support and the tickets are responded to by our support staff in the order in which they are placed into the system. That link is: https://support.x-tremescooters.com/. 

If you have any warranty issues, damage, or any other technical assistance please create a support ticket. By submitting a ticket you will ensure immediate action to resolve the issue. If you call into speak with a CSR they will direct you to the support system to submit a ticket. All warranty and damage issues our handled through our ticket system. If a customer receives an item damaged, please have them take photos as outlined below and include in their support ticket. If the pictures are provided immediately, this will speed up the warranty process. We must be notified of damage within 10 days of delivery, failure to do so may result in denial of replacement parts.

• A photo of the packaging material used inside box (e.g. bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, cardboard dividers, etc.)
• A close-up photo of the shipping label with tracking number (please zoom in enough to read the tracking number which usually begins with 1Z).
• Two photos displaying all 6 sides of the package (1 photo should display the top and 2 sides, the 2nd photo should display the bottom and the opposite sides).

When creating a support ticket, please provide as much of the requested information as possible. If you do not have all the information available please complete the ticket without. Do not delay submitting your ticket. Our support teams will try to locate your order on the information provided and if they cannot they will contact you for more information.

Please also note, if a customer chooses to not work with tech support and go outside of our warranty policy and return an item an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) request must be submitted. This can be done by contacting Customer Care via the support ticket. Terms & Conditions are listed below and will be supplied at the time of the request for the customer to agree upon. If the customer initiates this request and we have approved this request, we will
contact you for approval prior to contacting the customer with RMA approval. We will not allow a customer to return the item without your approval.
Upon approval notification the customer will be provided with instructions for returning the item.

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