Best Bakcou Electric Hunting Bikes

The Founders

The company was founded on a few basic principles. First, was our love for the backcountry and the desire to access these remote areas with minimal disturbance to wildlife and their habitat through quiet and non-pollutant means. 

Second, was to design and build the most durable and efficient, yet affordable, electric bikes on the market.  Their goal wasn’t to create a mountain bike conversion kit by simply adding a motor to a bicycle frame that wasn’t designed and intended to operate with one. Instead, they designed the bike around the motor and the drive train with the necessary framework and durability needed to withstand the abuse and demands placed on it and then included a comprehensive warranty to stand behind it. 

Third, Bakcou was built by sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts for those that want the same thing we do, which is to climb higher, go farther and explore more without adding more stress to the environment.  Come join us, get out and enjoy the back country like you’ve never done before!


Which Bike Is Right For Me?


​When trying to decide which bike is right for you, it really comes down to application.  If you plan to hit the trail with a loaded down rear pannier rack, while pulling a trailer full of gear for a week of hunting or adventure in the backcountry, then we recommend our hard-tail Mule. The Mule is built to pack! By design, this heavy-duty 6061 aluminum alloy hardtail frame will maintain its integrity even when placed under heavy loads. While the air suspension GT MRK front forks and suspension seat post create a comfortable ride they cannot replace the high-end full suspension ride of the Storm.    


If your plans are to hunt rough, rugged, gnarly terrain, with a pack on your back, and you are less interested in packing heavy gear on your bike or pulling weighted down trailers, then the full suspension Storm is right for you.  The full suspension Storm delivers a Cadillac ride while traversing even the most rugged terrain.  However, weighing down a full-suspension bike with heavy gear can cause the rear end to squat, (even when the rear shock is locked out) changing the way it rides and performs. While the Storm utilizes the same, bullet-proof Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor, with its heavy-duty metal gearing and diesel engine like construction, we recommend it more for day trip hunting when a smooth ride is a top priority. 


We recognize that not every hunt begins at the top of the mountain. For this purpose, Bakcou has taken all of the high-end components of the Mule and Storm, and engineered a hunting tool for those that hunt the flatter ground, and at a price point that won’t break the bank. We combined the power and performance of Bafangs 750w, high-end, rear hub motor, with the same bulletproof aluminum alloy frame, and high- end components, that you expect in a Bakcou fat-tire, electric, hunting bike and created the Flatlander.


We recommend our Mule and Flatlander Step-Through (ST) models for our customers with a shorter leg length, or those that have difficulty getting on and off of a traditional fat-tire, eBike.  The Mule ST and Flatlander ST are built exactly like the Mule and Flatlander, with the exception of a lower top tube allowing for a shorter standover height.  This allows for greater ease in getting on and off of the bike.


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